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Meet the ESS family

ESS is home to equines of all ages, types, sizes, breeds. Most of our beautiful herd were either rescues or unwanted horses. Some come from a background of neglect, starvation, abuse or injury, while others were surrendered to ESS because their owners were unable to provide for them. 

When new equines arrive at ESS, they are assessed by our veterinarian and given the care that they need. This may include veterinary treatment, special diets, training, or simply a lot of TLC. 

Volunteers assist with the care of the horses while in the rehab process and when the horses are ready, they are incorporated into our programs for people. Some become therapy animals, some may be therapeutic riding horses, and some never need to do anything other than to heal and enjoy a quality life with companionship and kindness at Equine Spirit Sanctuary.

We adopt our equines out to new homes when it is in the best interest of the equine. For more info, click here for our Adoption Policies. As part of the adoption guidelines, anyone interested in adopting is asked to sponsor the equine for a minimum of two months and, during that time period, to spend as much time as possible working with the equine and getting to know him/her. The reason for this is so that potential adopters understand the costs associated with basic care and to ensure that it is a good match for both horse and person. 

We are always striving to help horses in need and to make a difference. We invite you to learn more and join us in lending your support. Sponsors are always appreciated. Sponsors would have first opportunity to adopt one of the ESS equines if/when they are available for adoption (but adopting is NOT expected if you sponsor an equine!). Click on the photos below for info about each.

Since ESS began in 2005, nearly 100 horses, donkeys, miniature horses and a pony have found a place of safety at ESS. For some it was their final home, others were adopted out to new homes, and some remain at ESS as program horses or are retired. 

ESS Equines, past

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