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Rescue and Rehab

ESS is a licensed NM horse rescue. Our rescued and unwanted equines are rehabbed and then adopted out or become a part of our programs for people - kids' lessons, therapeutic riding and equine-assisted therapy and learning activities, art classes, educational events.

If you are interested in adopting one of our rescues, please come and visit. Check out our adoption policies here.

Photos below are some of our before and after rescued horses:

Horses Helping Kids Program & Riding for Adults with Disabilities

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding benefits children and adults with mental and emotional disturbances, behavioral disorders, development delays, learning disabilities, dysfunctions with neurological motor impairment, cerebral trauma, Down syndrome, to name just a few. Riding a horse has been said to exercise the spirit as well as the body. Therapeutic riding is recognized, well documented, and supported by medical doctors, psychiatrists, physical and occupational therapists, speech therapists and teachers.

The program is under the direction of Ruth Bourgeois, equine specialist and PATH, Intl. accredited therapeutic riding instructor.

Equine therapy is practiced in most countries in the world. Originally used to help people recover from traumatic injuries, it became widely used as a therapeutic tool for the physically handicapped. Most recently, equine therapy has become accepted as a useful tool in treating a wide variety of psychological and mental disorders.

We are proud of our wonderful horses that are serving as safe, dependable mounts for this program. Many of these horses were either rescues or unwanted horses who came to ESS.

Horses helping People

Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies

Horses are great teachers. One of the reasons that horses are so wonderful to learn from is because as prey animals they are in their bodies and aware of all that is going on around them. They are in their minds, in their bodies, experience emotions without reservation, and much of how they react to a situation is how their spirit responds to these things. Their entire survival is based upon being aware.

We can learn valuable life skills through working with horses, getting to know horses, and interacting with horses. Participants learn safe horse handling with grooming and leading exercises. Riding may also be part of this program, when appropriate, but the focus is on more on personal growth and life skills. Activities are designed to improve self-esteem and self-awareness, combining body awareness exercises with motor planning and verbal communication, in a safe and supportive setting.

Sessions include discussion, breathing and centering exercises, yoga exercises, groundwork (grooming and leading) with the horses, riding and yoga exercises on horseback (if appropriate for the client), journaling and take home assignments.

The program is under the direction of Ruth Bourgeois, equine specialist and therapeutic riding instructor. NOTE: we are currently seeking a licensed clinical counselor to work with our equine-assisted services programs. Contact Ruth for more information. 


We are also scheduling Read to the Donkeys sessions. This program is for children who need a little extra help learning to read. The lesson will consist of the child reading aloud to one of our program donkeys - Marley, Penelope or Jazzy - with an ESS volunteer to assist them with improving their reading skills. The program was started with Bindy's story. Bindy was the first donkey that ESS took in when we started horse rescue in 2005. He was the official mascot of ESS.


Equine-assisted therapy leading exercise.

November 2017 PSR Visitors.

A group of special visitors enjoy the mini's show.

Grooming the mini's.

Grooming the miniature horses and Hava, the pony.


Our mini therapy donkey Bindy.

Laya Kat
TR nicholas
Brushing Elvis
Christian HHK
Miquella and Dustee
Dustee and Emily
Aspen and Elvis
Aaron and Dustee


Reaching Out to Help Horses and People Near and Far

Educational Clinics, Classes and Events

Learn from top clinicians and experts all about holistic and natural horse management, nutrition, hoof care and soundness, how to keep your horse healthy, training and riding, art and more!

Out in the Community

Watch for ESS at special events!

Visits with Seniors and persons of all ages with special needs

Sharing our love of horses!

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