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Foxy's story:

Foxy is a 20 year old Arabian gelding. He came to ESS in November 2018, greatly in need of a home where he would get a lot of TLC - proper nutrition, hoof care, shelter, veterinary and dental care.

This sweet horse has done great. He has a great determination to enjoy every meal, every day. He has had his feet trimmed regularly since he came, had three different veterinarians provide care that was needed, has had dental work done, and is enjoying the company of his good buddy, Scout, and lots of attention from the ESS crew.

Foxy has had a persistent dental / sinus infection that has not responded to antibiotics. He had holes in a few of his back teeth that went clear up to the sinuses, and food matter was plugged up in the holes and into the sinuses, resulting in the ongoing infection. Dr. Thal cleared out all that he could, and worked on the tooth issues. Foxy was also tested for Cushings, and now is on medication for that.

Foxy went back to Thal Equine in March 2019 for follow-up treatment. He spent a week there, having two sinus  surgeries done to clear the infection and flushing of the sinuses, followed by  a 30-day treatment of antibiotics.

Needless to say, Foxy's rehab costs were significant. In addition to buying the best hay we can find for him, he also eats mash twice a day. The mash is a mixture of Purina Equine Senior, beet pulp pellets and hay pellets, soaked for several hours to make a soft mash that is easy for him to chew and to digest.

These are some of the expenses that Foxy's rehab and routine care entailed:

Veterinary exam, Coggins and blood work upon arrival: $100

Antibiotics: $25 x 2

​Hoof trims: $45 x 3

Ingredients for mash: $40 per week

Hay: roughly $50 per week

Dental and Veterinary care in February 2019: $985

Dental and sinus surgery - March: almost $2,000

Prevescend (Cushings medication): $70 per month

A big thank you to the OHAAT - One Horse At A Time - organization who donated $350 and  Animal Protection of New Mexico for donating $500 towards Foxy's veterinary care, and to Foxy's friends who have also made donations towards his care.

We still have a lot of expenses to cover, so we are seeking sponsors who will make a regular monthly donation for Foxy and appreciate any other donations also, which will be applied directly to his veterinary expenses.

How YOU can help:  $$ sent to ESS, checks or PayPal (please use the link on this page). Thank you for helping us get Foxy back to being a happy, healthy horse again!

August 2019 update - Foxy had been going through an episode of Cushings seasonal related issues and has been very sore again (muscles and hooves). This is not totally unexpected, given his condition and all that he has gone through since he came to ESS. But it is hard to see him not feeling good again. He is on Previcox now also and hopefully will be sound again very soon.


Spring 2020 - Foxy had a bit of a rough winter, with founder issues relating to the Cushings. He is a tough little horse, though, and is doing much better now. His feet are in better shape and he has a renewed enthusiasm for life, which includes hanging out with his best friend, Hope.


Foxy -  July 2019 - test ride! Foxy is doing great! What a lovely little horse! 

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April 7 Foxy.jpg

Foxy -  April 7. The stitches are out and he's putting on weight. Still a ways to go but he's starting to get a tiny tummy now!

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