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Introducing our new blog!

A couple weeks ago we launched the new ESS web site. In comparison to our old site, this one has less content and is easier to navigate while serving to inform and explain what ESS is all about.

We have had a facebook page for 8+ years that has lots of photos, news and notes about ESS events and programs. So why add a blog? To help with search engine optimization? Increase visibility? No… our reason for adding a blog is simply to bring more awareness to the work that we are doing. To provide a platform for short articles about ESS.

And – I like to write. I especially like to write about horses. One of Equine Spirit Sanctuary’s goals is to educate and promote responsible horse ownership. One of the most wonderful things about working with horses is that they teach us so much. Horses provide endless opportunities for learning. They provide inspiration and bring meaning to our lives. The horses of ESS have much to share. Their stories need to be heard.

People come to ESS for many reasons. Some are curious about horse rescue. Some come to experience the benefits of therapeutic riding. Often people are drawn to ESS simply because they feel better when they can see a horse up close, touch a horse, spend time with horses. Since the start of ESS in 2005 many magical moments have happened with our equines and our visitors, our volunteers and our program participants at our events and clinics, and in our normal day to day activities. This blog will highlight moments and lessons that make a difference in our lives and in the lives of our horses.

The ESS donkey family: Jazzy, Marley, Joy, Grace and Bindy.

And donkeys, too!

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